Oktoberfest Photo Impressions

Bavaria Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest is barely open for 35 minutes, yet the stairs leading up to the "Bavaria" are already packed with people. You can, by the way, climb up inside the statue to get a perfect view across the fest area.

Oktoberfest 2006

This is the view from the "Bavaria" stairs across the Oktoberfest. The opening day was dry (fortunately!), and so the place was really packed. In the middle you can see the carriages of the tents and breweries. The Fest is expected to draw 6 to 7 million visitors this year.

Oktoberfest 2006 Löwenbräu

This driver of a Löwenbräu carriage is looking at the people walking by.

Oktoberfest 2006 Schützen-Festzelt

At 5,440 available seats you need to get in early into the "Schützen-Festzelt" which is quite popular with the masses. It is conveniently located below the Bavaria statue. Its unique feature, however, is a shooting range with 110 lanes for the traditional Oktoberfest shooting.

Oktoberfest 2006 Funride

Once you've got your beer (or even beers), stumble over to one of the fun rides. Then you might see the world as blurry as this photo shows it. :-)

Oktoberfest 2006

Another photo of the "Bavaria" statue, this time with the "Löwenbrä" tent and the "Winzerer Fähndl" tent on the right side.

Oktoberfest 2006 Teufelsrad

One part of the fest is dedicated to the singing, the beer, and the food. The other part is basically some clean fun with a big tradition. The "Teufelsrad" (Devil's Wheel), for example, is present on the fest since 1910. Basically you sit on a consistently turning wheel trying to not fall down. This is getting more difficult by the minute, especially if the host of the show is starting to tell funny jokes in Bavarian language.

Oktoberfest 2006 Wellenflieger Circus

The traditional carousel called Wellenreiter ("WaveRider"), complete with balloons and blurred people.

Oktoberfest Münchner Rutsch'n

Another traditonal fun ride is the "Münchner Rutsch'n" (Munich Glide). You climb up 23 meters using the steps on the left side, get a large door mat, and then you glide down across the waves. Even if the ride just takes a few seconds (each lane is just 55 meters), it is apparently great fun.

Oktoberfest Münchner Rutsch'n

A close up photo of the "Münchner Rutsch'n" (Munich Glide). A girl is gliding down the fun ride, winning the race against the lady in the lane next to her.

Oktoberfest Playball Funride

The "Playball" funride seems to bring these girls to their limits. No wonder if you consider that the ride turns you in every imaginable direction at a high speed. We suggest to not try this after a few beers.

Beim Schicht'l - Oktoberfest

The variete show "Beim Schicht'l" has been for ages on the Oktoberfest. It's owner, Manfred Schauer (in the middle), is "Schicht'l", who runs you through the program of small episodes and magic tricks. With the energy he is spreading on the outer stage, it is more than likely that the show will be as entertaining as it gets.

Star Flyer Oktoberfest Munich

Here is another spectacular fun ride: the "Star Flyer" - a carousel in 45 meters height, giving you an excellent view on the Oktoberfest. The ride does not last very long, but it looks definitely impressing.

Steckerlfisch Oktoberfest Munich

When visiting the Octoberfest, please do not miss out the traditional fish ("Steckerlfisch") that are being grilled over open fire. YOu'll get them at the "Fischer Vroni" tent. Yummy!

Beer Oktoberfest Munich

This coach driver is enjoying his beer after the work has been done.

Good Bye - Oktoberfest Munich

This was it for the opening day of the Oktoberfest. The main exit of the fest wishes "Pfüa Gott" to the visitors, which is Bavarian and means basically "go with God". Below that the German "Auf Wiedersehen!" or "Good Bye!".

Wies'n Treffpunkt Meeting Point

Okay, I wanted to test-drive my brand new digital SLR camera. What better location might there be than the Oktoberfest? So I took the camera and entered the public transport to arrive at the meeting point, directly at the Theresienwiese. In the back you see St. Pauls Church.

Bavaria Theresienwiese

This is the Bavarian Statue of Liberty - the "Bavaria". The statue was created between 1842 and 1850 and is one of the largest statues in Europe (it's height is 18 meters). As you can see, it's afternoon, and it's already quite crowded.

Theresienwiese seen from Bavaria

And this is the fantastic view from the Bavaria towards east. To the left is the entrance to the beer tents, ahead and to the right you will find the fun rides.

Oktoberfest Beer Tents

This is the "street" with all the beer tents, the place where all the action is. The beer tents sit one next to another to the left and to the right. Please note the folks wearing the traditional Bavarian clothing!