Oktoberfest Photo Impressions

Oktoberfest Girls

A closer look at the traditional dresses. It's nothing unusual to find girls wearing such conservative outfits during the time of the Oktoberfest - even if they would strictly refuse to wear it during other times of the year. :-)

Oktoberfest Big Wheel

But before we start to explore the beer tents, let's briefly walk through the fun rides. This is the big wheel, and even though I am slightly afraid of height, I managed to get in... My desire to get cool shots of the Oktoberfest was bigger than my fear.

Oktoberfest Theresienwiese

So, this is the first shot to give you an overview: To the left the beer tents, to the right the fun rides, and in the back the skyline of Munich. Ah, and if you are interested in this shot - it's available as 16.7 Megapixel resolution!

Theresienwiese Oktoberfest Overview

Another photo from the big wheel across the Oktoberfest, this time from the very top. The light was very nice, and I really like this shot.

Oktoberfest Carousel

Because it was quite early in the day, this carousel was quite empty. But the guys were having fun anyway!

Carousel Oktoberfest

This is another spectacular fun ride - a carousel in 45 meters height. It does not last very long, but it looks definitely impressing.


Another photo of the Oktoberfest carousel called Wellenreiter ("WaveRider").

Fun Ride Oktoberfest

This girl probably wishes to take the fun ride, but then again - she's maybe a bit afraid of doing it?

Taumler Oktoberfest

Another fun ride on Oktoberfest, the "Taumler" ("Tumbler") that really shakes people up. This photo was done using the 20mm lense at 1/60 sec and F 16.

Traditional Oktoberfest

This fun ride is one of the Oktoberfest classics - and even old people do this ride, but...

Oktoberfest Classic Fun Ride

...the real fun begins when the youth is entering the game. Please note that they do it all on their own, i.e. they are not lifted up by motors!

Oktoberfest Gift

Sweet hearts are the perfect gift to bring home from Oktoberfest (okay, next to beer steins and silly hats). This on says "I like you sooo much".

Horses Oktoberfest

Every day, the Munich breweries come with their horse-drawn carriages to show off how the beer is being delivered to the tents. Well, it's all just a show. These days, with millions of gallons of beer consumed, they are using trucks with huge tanks. The horses, however, don't care.

Beer Coach Oktoberfest

The horse-drawn carriages look good and are a visitor attraction. But to see the horses, you have to be early, because at 2 pm they have to leave the Oktoberfest. Which is not what we did. So let's enter the beer tents...

Schützenfesthalle Oktoberfest

During the early hours of the Otoberfest, the action in the beer tents is quite calm, like this shot around noon at the "Schützenfesthalle".

Oktoberfest Schützenfesthalle

The tables are more or less empty, and the waitresses are waiting for orders and new guests.

Oktoberfest Tents Closed

Then, towards afternoon, the action heats up, and some of the tents will be closed as they are temporarily "overloaded". In such cases it is a good idea to walk around the tent and find a side entrance.

Oktoberfest Action

Once inside, all you have to do is to find a seat. Otherwise you won't be able to order a beer. Well, you may watch the Dirndl-Dancers on the stage anyway. :-)

Oktoberfest Hacker-Pschorr Beer

This is Eva of the famous Hacker-Pschorr tent. The marketing claim of Hacker-Pschorr is Himmel der Bayern ("Heaven of Bavarians"), and yes, I fully agree with them. What else could you possibly want? :-)

Hacker-Pschorr Tent Oktoberfest

Another photo of the Hacker-Pschorr tent in the afternoon. Later, people will stand on the benches singing to the Blasmusik.