What Our Readers Say

  • published January 20, 2019

A big thank you to our readers who shared with us their opinions and feedback over the years. Here's a look at what they say about the Oktoberfest Insider FAQ and the Oktoberfest Guidebook. We always love to hear your stories and suggestions. In fact, it's really what makes compiling the guide worthwhile. So please keep sending your feedback by email!

Letters to the editior

Ray from San Antonio, TX

I must say I was very impressed with your guide and all of the work that you put into it so I just wanted to say thank you for putting everything together. I found it extremely informative and helpful and I will definitely be using your tips and suggestions on my trip. I wish I would have found it sooner. I would've saved a lot of time! Keep up the good work and know that you have a fan in Texas. Thanks again.

John from the USA

I just wanted to thank you for putting together such an informative website on Oktoberfest! I'm coming over this year for the first time and I've been trying to do some research. I only have a few days in Munich so it's important I get the most out of my time there. Your website is by far the most useful I've found to date. The pictures are wonderful and I can tell you really invested a lot of time into making sure all questions were covered.

Dennis from the USA

I really enjoyed reading your Oktoberfest Insider online! You have really organized some great information that should be very helpful for my fiance and I when we travel to Oktoberfest for the first time.

Michael from Denver, CO

I know in the anonymous world of the Internet often good work is just taken for granted so I wanted to take a minute and thank you for a great, handy and very understandable guide to Oktoberfest.

Mike from Wales, UK

I stumbled across your website and want to thank you for the great faq, it's given us quite a few ideas of what to expect at this years Oktoberfest.

Nicola from Oregon

Thanks for all your information on Oktoberfest that you posted on your website! You answered a ton of questions!

Tom from Hawaii

Great website for information.

Oryah from Tel Aviv, Israel

I can't tell how grateful and happy I am to have found your website!

Richard from The Netherlands

By accident I found your website about the oktoberfest and I must say it is a good overview of what to expect when planning a trip to München.

Brad from Pennsylvania

Your photos are excellent! I'm also enjoying your FAQ and other bits of information on your web site.

Darrin from Louisiana, USA

Your FAQ is really informative.

Elizabeth from San Diego, CA

Your advice is working out great so far, we have been at the Hofbrau house for a couple of hours and have had a blast so far!

Brad from Chicago, IL

Thanks for all the great infromation on the site.

Matt from the USA

I found your blog/website very helpful and you were able to answer a ton of my questions.

Kevin from Nottinghamshire, UK

I was reading our tips for Oktoberfest, they sound great!

Adam from the USA

I was reading your advice on Oktoberfest and found the information very useful.

Thomas from New Jersey

Thanks for the helpful guide!

Jack from the USA

Thank you for your insight into Oktoberfest. I appreciate your help in making my trip a great one.

Stephen from the USA

I was reading your Octoberfest guide and i must say that it was very useful! I am planning to go with my girlfriend this September, and it has helped with our understanding greatly, so thank you!

Andrew from Leeds, UK

Great website, answered many questions I have.

Roland from Massachusetts

This is absolutely tremendous. Thank you so much for your great advice and information.

Allison from New York City

Your insider web page is super helpful to us newbies to the scene.

Jeanette from New Orleans

Thought I would let you know that we had a great time!!!! We made it into a couple tents without passes! Probably because it rained so much. I def want to do it again!!! Thanks for the help!

Janelle from the USA

Great info on Oktoberfest.

Sudha from the UK

Thank you for ur fab article on the oktoberfest and the most frequently asked questions.

Carl from San Diego, CA

You have a very nice "Oktoberfeat FAQ". Really enjoyed it and had lots of information.

Emma from Australia

I've just read your fact sheet, very informative!!

Art from Ohio

Thank you for the extensive information regarding the Oktoberfest.

Daniel from the UK

Greatly appreciated your very information Q&A page! Danke!


Great website for info.

Sudhanshu from the USA

Thanks a lot for the awesome information on your website. It has definitely made it very easy to plan our trip and understand what we are getting into.

Heiko from Hamburg, Germany

Ich bin auf Ihre Website über das Oktoberfest aufmerksam geworden und habe Ihre vielen Insidertipps mit großem Interesse gelesen.

Steven from the USA

I'd like to say that your Oktoberfest Insider website is very useful and informative. Thanks for sharing.

Jeffrey from the USA

Thanks for your Oktoberfest FAQ! I'm studying it now... the info you've provided is priceless, thank you.

William from New Jersey

Great Oktoberfest write-up. The best I have seen for a while.

Stefan from Sweden

Thanks for your informative site about the Oktoberfest! It helped us a lot.

Rick from the USA

Your website is great.

Robert from Chicago

I just wanted to take the time and send you a thank you for the Oktoberfest FAQ. My wife, some friends, and myself are planning a trip from America and your guide has already proven to be of value. I will say that this trip is fairly intimidating to me, but we are all looking forward to it. I will continue to look to Oktoberfest Insider for my planning needs.

Matthias from Munich, Germany

Ich habe dein Oktoberfest FAQ gelesen und denke, das ist echt gut für "Neulinge" - ich selbst war bis jetzt dreimal auf der Wiesn und seh die meisten Sachen auch so.

A reader from the USA

Thank you for your wonderful insight to Oktoberfest in Munich. It was a great read, and answered many questions that we had.

Ronnie from Scotland, UK

Firstly your website has lots of good tips but if you could clear a few things up that would be amazing.

Jonathan from the USA

I just wanted to say thank you for putting together a combination of helpful information and wonderful pictures. It is evident you put some time and effort into your booklet and it shows. My friends and family "the men anyway" are Oktoberfest Junkies! We have only attended the official Fest two times to the beautiful city of Munich and can't wait till the next time. Though we can't be there this year I like to read about the changes and happenings that will be seen at this year's fest. Anyway, again thank you for putting all this useful up to date information in one location.

Peter from the USA

Thanks very much for writing your "Oktoberfest Insider" guide; I found it very useful.

Anne from the USA

Thank you for your help. Your site has been very helpful in our planning.

Dapot from Jakarta, Indonesia

I just read your writing on oktoberfest-insider.com and found the FAQ section and the PDF guidebook very informative.

Daniel from Spain

I am reading your recomendations in internet and i think is the best information about the oktoberfest. Thanks for the information.

Sean from Canada

Your Octoberfest website is awesome. Thanks for the WEALTH of information.

Kate from the USA

I loved your site, it was extremely useful!

Mike from the USA

Great guide!

Sean from the USA

Great article!

Dougal from South Africa

Firstly thanks a mil for the Oktoberfest FAQ - you really helped sort out a couple of questions.

Tom from London, UK

I've just finished reading your Oktoberfest Insider magazine online - it's great!

Simon from London, UK

Your Oktoberfest website is impressive and I have taken the time to have a good read of your advice.

Franz from Austria

Ich finde Ihren Bericht über das Oktoberfest SUPER!

Leon from New York

Thanks so much. Your review was very helpful.

Jeffrey from Virgina

Monitoring your FAQ always. :) Thanks for all the info!